Residential/Transitional Housing Program


Stephen Gentel is the Intake Coordinator at Wells House and is able to answer any questions you may have about the treatment option and admission requirements. He is able to provide an Admission Assessment form to you by e-mail upon first contact at your request.

Please call Steve today at 301-739-7748 for a quick over the phone assessment to determine if Wells House is the right treatment program for your particular needs.


Age: Adults 18+
Gender: Male
Treatment: Drug, Alcohol, and other Substance Abuse issues
Medical: Medical history, TB Test, list of current medications
Emotional: Any prior psychological treatment information should be provided if there is any concern that it might interfere with your ability to be treated for substance dependency. It is preferred that mental and emotional disorders be addressed and as stable as possible before admission.
Must meet one of the following ASAM criteria Level I – OP Treatment
Level II.I – IOP Treatment
III.I Clinically Managed Low-Intensity Residential Services
III.3 Clinically Managed High-Intensity Residential Treatment
Level 0.5 Early Intervention – DWI Education
Prior Treatment: It is beneficial for our staff members to have knowledge about and availability to any prior treatment records and information prior to admission. Upon admission it will be required that you sign a provided request for Release of Information.
Pre-Admission: Contact Stephen Gentel for an Admission Assessment form. The provided information will help us to determine the best specialized drug and/or alcohol treatment plan for you as an individual.

Exclusionary Criteria

  1. We are unable to provide medical detoxification, you must be detoxed prior to admission (referrals to a detox program can be arranged).
  2. Chronic aggressive behavior which causes an inability to live in a group living environment.
  3. We are currently unable to help individuals which are unable to speak and understand the English language. To fully benefit from the program we suggest that you fully understand the English language.