Wells House, Hagerstown, MD

Wells House, Hagerstown, MD

Wells House Inc. was founded in 1976 as a private, nonprofit charity that operated as a Halfway House in Hagerstown, Maryland for local homeless alcoholic men. Wells House originally opened to twelve struggling alcoholics and since that time has offered life changing substance use disorder treatment and provided hope for the future to over 7,000 men and women in Washington County. We are proud to continue to provide this critical service to our community. In the 40 years since its founding, the program’s mission has expanded to not only provide evidence-based behavioral health treatment services in a safe and secure residential environment, but ancillary services that address all aspects of rehabilitating men and women back into the community as productive members of society.

The Wells House program is designed to offer peer support and encouragement that enables patients to begin to live a life free from drugs or alcohol while restoring self-confidence, dignity, family relations, and becoming a productive member of society. Integrated services include: supportive environment substance use education, group and individual counseling, case management, family involvement in the treatment process, education and a focus on removing barriers to recovery.

Our GED classes are available to those patients who didn’t complete high school and helps them obtain employment and can spark interest in continuing their education to improve their life circumstances.

While in treatment our patients become valuable members of our community as volunteers by helping our neighbors and our local non-profit community.

Wells House, Hagerstown, MD Staff

Gerry MCarney – Clinical Supervisor
301-739-7748 ext. 234

Kristen Jones – Addiction Counselor
301-739-7748 ext. 203

Daniel Suarez – Addiction Counselor
301-739-7748 ext. 214

Stephanie Snyder – Addiction Counselor
301-739-7748 ext. 230

Laura Koons – Addiction Counselor
301-739-7748 ext. 206

Jennifer Stup Addiction Counselor Trainee
301-739-7748 ext. 242

Allison Schumaker – Addiction Counselor Trainee
301-739-7748 ext. 219

J Lynne Kline – Addiction Counselor Trainee
301-739-7748 ext. 215

William Robertson – Addiction Counselor Trainee
301-739-7748 ext. 210

Maggie Early – Addictions Counselor
301-739-7748 ext. 211

Travon Stockhauser – Addiction Counselor Trainee

Andrew Scherzberg – Patient Services Administrator
301-739-7748 ext. 226

Katie Weiss – Patient Services Administrator
301-739-7748 ext. 236

Nelson Dunahugh – Administrative Support
301-739-7748 ext. 207

Walter Collier – Transportation Specialist

Alvin Romulo – Transportation Specialist

Kevin Powell – Lead-Direct Care Provider 

Nick Guanti – Lead- Direct Care Provider

Herbert Williamson – Direct Care Provider


124 E. Baltimore Street
Hagerstown, MD 21740
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Phone: 301-739-7748
Fax: 301-739-4001

Hours: 8:00am–4:00pm