Wells House@Gale Recovery, Frederick, MD

Wells House@Gale Recovery, Frederick, MD

Gale Recovery of Frederick County joined the Wells House family in the fall of 2015.  Gale Recovery celebrated 40 years of service to the Frederick Community in 2016. The humble beginnings of the Frederick program mirrored that of the Wells House, originally opening to twelve struggling alcoholics. Since 1976 Wells House@Gale Recovery has offered life changing substance use disorder treatment and provided hope for the future to over 4,000 men and women in Frederick County. This joining of non-profit treatment providers was a perfect fit for both organizations and has led to a significant expansion of services in Frederick. We now offer safe and secure residential environment to 85 men and women (a substantial increase from 32 in 2015). Wells House@Gale Recovery moved into new treatment facilities and administrative offices on E. Patrick Street in the fall of 2016. 2018 will bring the addition of mental health services to those patients with co- occurring substance use/mental health issues.

In the 40 years since its founding, the program’s mission has expanded to not only provide evidence-based behavioral health treatment services in a safe and secure residential environment, but ancillary services that address all aspects of rehabilitating men and women back into the community as productive members of society.

The Wells House@Gale Recovery program is designed to offer peer support and encouragement that enables patients to begin to live a life free from drugs or alcohol while restoring self-confidence, dignity, family relations, and becoming a productive member of society. Integrated services include: supportive environment substance use education, group and individual counseling, case management, family involvement in the treatment process, education and a focus on removing barriers to recovery.

Our GED classes are available to those patients who didn’t complete high school and helps them obtain employment and can spark interest in continuing their education to improve their life circumstances.

Wells House@Gale Recovery

Wells House@Gale Recovery, Frederick, MD Staff

Catherine (Katie) Schwartz – Administrator
301-662-7003 ext 306

Cynthia Terl – Community Engagement Director
301-662-7003 ext 208

Melinda Hite – Grants Administration Director
301-662-7003 ext 202

Rebecca Laughlin – Financial Administrator
301-662-7003 ext 301

Michelle Marshall – Patient Services Administrator
301-662-7003 ext 303

Alexis Cavey – Staff Services Administrator
301-739-7748 ext. 223

John Kotz – Education Administrator and DCP Supervisor
301-739-7748 ext. 221

Estelle Dupree – Clinical Supervisor
301-662-7003 ext 325

Elisabeth (Lisa) Ferraro – Addiction Counselor
301-662-7003 ext 313

Eduardo Obregon – Addiction Counselor Trainee
301-662-7003 ext 305

Mary Elizabeth (Libby) Palumbo – Addiction Counselor
301-662-7003 ext 321

Cece Chambers – Addiction Counselor
301-662-7003 ext 315

Daryl Manzo – Addiction Counselor
301-662-7003 ext 310

April Jarboe – Addiction Counselor Trainee

Kelsey Wetherald – Addiction Counselor Trainee
301-662-7003 ext 312

Amanda Cook – Addiction Counselor Trainee
301-662-7003 ext 308

Michael Clouse – Addiction Counselor Trainee

Sarah Gregory – Telemedicine Coordinator and Lead Direct Care Provider
301-662-7003 ext 309

Edison Henriquez-Theran – Lead Direct Care Provider
301-662-7003 ext 304

Jesse Gregory – Patient Services Coordinator
301-662-7003 ext 304

 Ronald Young – Direct Care Provider
301-662-7003 ext 304

David Baldwin – Direct Care Provider
301-662-7003 ext 304

Stephen McDonald – Direct Care Provider
301-662-7003 ext 304

Brent Hoover – Direct Care Provider
301-662-7003 ext 304

Maurice Ryans – Direct Care Provider
301-662-7003 ext 304

Alma Rosarius – Direct Care Provider
301-662-7003 ext 309

Michelle Webb – Direct Care Provider
301-662-7003 ext 309

Jessica Therres – Direct Care Provider
301-662-7003 ext 309

Britney Tribbett – Direct Care Provider
301-662-7003 ext 309


425 E Patrick St
Frederick, MD 21701
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Phone: 301-662-7003
Fax: 301-631-0768

Hours: 8:30am–4:30pm