Regional Staff

Charles Mooneyhan – Chief Executive Officer

301-739-7748 ext. 201

Christina Trenton Nee – Chief Operating Officer

301-739-7748 ext. 220

Nathaniel Peacock – IT Director

301-739-7748 ext. 302

Alexis Cavey Peacock– Director of Intake and Administrative Services

301-739-7748 ext. 223

Tim Williams – Peer Services Coordinator

301-739-7748 ext. 240

Jesse Gregory – Facilities Coordinator

301-739-7748 ext. 337

Lindsey Anderson – Bookkeeper

301-739-7748 ext. 232

Hagerstown Staff

Mindy Morgan – Clinical Director

301-739-7748 ext. 225

Libby Palumbo – Clinical Supervisor

301-662-7003 ext. 321

Frederick Staff

Roger Bushby – Administrative Site Coordinator

301-662-7003 ext. 306

Daryl Manzo – Clinical Supervisor

301-662-7003 ext. 310

Will Ulrich – Residential Supervisor

301-662-7003 ext. 301

Bernard Mills – Patient Services Coordinator

301-662-7003 ext. 338

In August 2015 John joined the team as an educational position as the GED and Life Skills instructor. He holds a Master’s degree in Education Administration and is currently in a PhD program of study. He has been able to help many Wells House patients earn their GEDs in both our Frederick and Washington County locations. He leads the life skills team that gives our patients the opportunity to re-enter the community with the tools they need to lead healthy productive lives in recovery. He also serves as the DCP administrator for both locations. “This has given me an opportunity to work in a leadership role with a great group of men and women.”

“I have struggled with an addictive personality since my teenage years. After years of alcohol abuse, three DUIs, loss of two educational careers, and a divorce, I came to the Wells House in April 2015. The chances that I have been given here have given me the avenue to develop myself both personally and professionally.”