Once You Have Applied

As stated on the application, all applicants must have a current TB test (received within the past 12 months) and provide documentation of the result prior to being scheduled for a Prescreen Interview.  Once we receive the application and the TB result, we process the information and determine if there is additional information needed – this can take several days.  Someone from our Admissions Team will then contact the applicant, or the referral source, to continue the process.  Once all the necessary documentation has been submitted, a Prescreen Interview will be scheduled.  Generally the interviews are done over the phone and take approximately 30-45 minutes.  The Prescreen Interview provides valuable information to the clinical team as to whether or not they are appropriate to begin services, and if so, the recommended level of care.  After the interview, a summary, along with all the other documentation, is presented to the Admissions Team and a decision is made as to whether or not the applicant is appropriate for our levels of care.  A member of the admissions staff will notify the applicant of the decision.  If approved for admission, the patient will receive a “bed date”.  In the event that a patient is denied admission to the program, we will provide them or the referral source with a reason for denial and a referral suggestion to best assist the patient with their next steps.