Intake Process

During the intake appointment, if a patient has an opioid use disorder and has a need for MAT (medication assistance treatment), specifically, Buprenorphine, Methadone, or Vivitrol, the counselor will refer the patient for our Telemedicine services. Our Telemedicine program is offered in collaboration with psychiatrists at the University of Maryland Medical Center, Department of Psychiatry.

  • Patients are encouraged to bring no more than two weeks’ worth of clothing due to space limitations. Patients are not permitted to bring weapons, including knives
  • The only electronic devices allowed are cell phones, tablets or MP3 players
  • To play music on a device in the facility, you must have headphones or ear buds
  • When possible, personal hygiene products should be alcohol-free
  • Bedding is provided when needed but we encourage patients to provide their own bedding
  • Patients are not permitted to bring food or snacks, these items are provided
  • Laundry expenses are covered for the first 2 weeks of residence after that we ask the patient to be responsible for their laundry expenses.
  • When possible, bring photo ID, social security card, insurance card
  • If a patient has court dates while in residence, the individual must secure their own transportation to and from the court appointment
  • Patients with vehicles must provide proof of a valid driver’s license, vehicle registration, current tags