Wells House offers clinic based treatment to adults with substance use disorders who are in need of low intensity outpatient services. Outpatient treatment is available for adults and consists of group therapy, individual therapy and other interventions such as peer support, case management and structure focused on improved functioning. Outpatient services are offered afternoon and evening to accommodate life needs and obligations such as work, school, and child care. Most individuals begin at the Intensive Outpatient Program  or 3.1 residential levels of care and step down.

As patients progress through treatment, services are focused on continued engagement and assessment of the stages of change. Evidence-based practices include patient-centered counseling, cognitive behavioral counseling, motivational interviewing and problem solving strategies. Self-directed treatment plan goals, focused on the individual’s specific areas of need, are developed for each patient. Individualized treatment planning that targets specific needs such as food, clothing, housing, transportation, medical care, mental health care, employment, and education. The goal of outpatient care is to incentivize patients to remain in needed treatment, thereby reducing substance use and increasing their chances of continuing their recovery. The therapeutic environments combined with the evidence based practices employed at the Wells House assist patients with maintaining the strides they have made in how they relate to their environment, improvement in their recovery skills, relapse prevention skills, and emotional coping skills; and increased self-worth. Patients have the opportunity to develop and practice their interpersonal skills, strengthen their recovery skills, reintegrate into the community and their family and begin or resume employment or academic pursuits.