Substance Abuse in Washington County and Maryland

According to the Maryland Alcohol and Drug Abuse Administration (ADAA), 1159 Washington County residents were admitted to a drug and alcohol treatment program in FY 2012. The federal agency SAMHSA has estimated that 6.7% of the adult population of Washington County meets the clinical criteria and needs treatment for an alcohol use disorder, which extrapolates to 10,050 residents. The unmet need for the treatment for drug abuse is 2.3% or 3,450 adult county residents. One can readily see that the number of adults needing treatment outstrips the numbers who were admitted to treatment by over 10 to 1.

In the state of Maryland it is estimated that there will be around 25,939 DUI’s, and 308 deaths due to intoxicated driving this year. Statistics also show that there will be 1,572 deaths related to alcohol abuse, 8,058 tobacco related deaths, and 314 deaths due to illicit drug use.

It is believed that there are around 440,000 alcohol abusers, 271,003 marijuana users, 44,409 cocaine addicts, and 2,515 heroin addicts living in Maryland. It is also estimated that there are 118,677 people abusing prescription drugs, 11,321 people that use inhalants, and 20,154 people who use hallucinogens.

In Maryland, there will be around 34,211 people arrested this year for drug-related charges. The Washington County Sheriff’s Department statistics for 2010 show that nearly 1,600 arrest charges were drug or alcohol (DWI) – related. Of course this only covers substance abusers/addicts that have been arrested.