What does the Program Offer?

  • Individualized Treatment Programs:

    Wells House acknowledges’ that each person’s needs are unique and require an individualized treatment plan based on specific history, issues and needs. A client’s treatment plan is tailored to his/her individual needs. The personalized treatment plan, specific to each individual’s physical, psychological and spiritual needs, also includes clinical care for co-occurring mental health conditions.

  • Address a full range of needs:

    Wells House understands that you may need help with medical, psychological, spiritual, social, and health and wellness issues. That is why each person benefits from an interdisciplinary team of skilled clinicians which consist of dependency counselors, mental health therapist, psychologists, physicians, family specialists, spiritual care professionals, and wellness specialists. On an individual basis, this team works with each patient to ensure that all aspects of dependency and behavioral health disorders that affect the body, mind, and spirit are addressed.

  • Family Services:

    The Wells House has long understood that dependency affects not only the patient but their family as well. To help with the healing process, the Wells House provides family services, where patients and family members receive education, guidance, and support for lifelong recovery. Family services are available to current patients at their request.

  • A Safe Sober Environment:

    Wells House has always been committed to the belief that recovery happens in a dignified and respectful setting where a person feels safe and can share in fellowship of others. We provide the optimal setting for patients and families to focus on making physical, emotional, and spiritual changes while building lifelong recovery. Patient living areas and gathering spaces are designed with comfort, safety, and serenity in mind.

  • No Medical Detoxification:

    Our facility and staff are not able to provide detoxification. A client must be medically stabilized before beginning the treatment process.